Sector 5 creates amazing experiences in both digital and physical spaces, yes - but Sector 5 is also the state of mind where perfect solutions emerge. Solutions that so expertly forge an authentic connection between brands and customers that they seem, in hindsight, inevitable… and you wonder why no one else saw them before. That's who we are and what we do.

Who is Sector 5?

Naturally, the first thing you’re wondering is: What's with the name? We like that "Sector 5" can’t help but stand out, and we like to think the same is true of us. We're a marketing team that builds lasting partnerships with brands so they can deliver their truest self to customers.

What is Sector 5?

Oh, lots of things. At its core, Sector 5 is both who we are and what we strive for. When someone steps into the space we made for you, we want them to get, instantly, what it is you're about. That moment when the physical and digital blur into one – when the epiphany of who you are and what you stand for hits like a heavyweight - that’s Sector 5. Having been there plenty of times, we recommend the experience. It's pretty cool.

Where does Sector 5 happen?

Short answer: Anywhere.

Longer answer: Sector 5 is about total immersion. We've got decades of combined experience in the design and fabrication of physical structures and an equally impressive rap sheet in the digital space. So, really, this question is for you: Where do you want Sector 5 to happen? Tell us what you need and we'll challenge you to push it further. Then we'll make it happen.

How does Sector 5 happen?

This is the cool part. We’ve honed a five-step process the old-fashioned way: by learning, over thousands of projects spanning over a decade of work, how best to challenge our clients and develop their true voice. Once we Discover what you’re truly about, we create innovative Design and Coordinate their deployment. When we have our game plan, we Execute, providing your customers with the total Sector 5 Experience.


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