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Mente Group NBAA

Sure, we like to keep our heads in the clouds where ideas roam wild and free, but when it comes to refining our clients’ messages, we take the literal approach. So when Mente Group told us they save their clients millions of dollars, we thought: That’s cool. Let’s bring that message to life. Let’s put a million dollars in their space. On top of that, we strategically designed their exhibit at NBAA to support Mente’s goals of brand awareness and lead generation. The exhibit consisted of three “zones” that supported Mente’s sales flow while the video Sector 5 Digital produced continuously exposed attendees to Mente’s unique, money-saving approach to corporate jet sales. This created one cohesive and immersive experience that garnered more attention than Mente ever expected.

American Airlines GBTA

We didn't set out to upset American Airline's neighbors at GBTA. All we wanted to do was capture the essence of the new American. The curved theater screen and 3D presentation with responsive backlighting, the business class bar experience, the touchpad tours of the cabin interior, the ginormous digital screens - we built these elements to be as educational as they are memorable. And that's what angered the other exhibitors: we'd built something for AA that our neighbors' booth builders told them wasn't possible.

Wilsonart KBIS

After a long and fruitful partnership, Wilsonart turned to us to design and build their KBIS experience. We built out two separate design concepts: "Richard" would be darker and more masculine, "Sarah" lighter and more feminine, and both would look like they fell straight out of your Pinterest feed. Richard and Sarah got kitchens, bathrooms, art studios and a shared library. So, yeah, we basically built two homes spanning 3,000 square feet and towering 25 feet over the show floor, featuring a rotating wall of Wilsonart's new quartz and CGI video that one convention-goer thought was video of a real house. KBIS liked it so much they gave us Most Innovative Booth and Best In Show awards. Thanks, guys. We like you too.

Airbus Helicopters HELI-EXPO

Helicopters are awesome. That's just true. Also true: it's hard to stand out when everyone around you is also showing off their helicopters. We had to make some serious noise for the debut of Airbus's new aircraft. So we built out over 16,000 square feet of space - that's including the upper deck with terrace - and brought in four helicopters. For the unveiling we skipped the traditional curtain lift. Why use a curtain? That's not us. We thought a little bigger, and for us, "bigger" meant a giant screen of over 360 LED panels weighing 7,500 pounds that's 16 feet tall and 60 feet wide, raised 15 feet into the air at the moment of reveal. That's how we roll.


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